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CNY Nostalgia… or not.

I was taking the train home tonight when I saw a kid wearing a “Chittenango Football” shirt. I stopped and said, “whoa, you’re from Chittenango? I’m from Manlius!” and he said, “wow, cool! Manlius is a little better than Chittenango…” 

I was a little taken aback. Manlius is *better* than Chittenango? I knew what he meant; Manlius is a fairly swanky suburb now. It was still transitioning from hick town to slick bedroom community full of soulless housing developments when I lived there, but “better”? The kid didn’t say “nicer” or “prettier” or “more interesting” (Manlius, though smaller, has an art house movie theater [or at least did 20 years ago when I last checked]”. He said “better.” Both are hick towns in the middle of nowhere with similar populations (Chittenango is slightly bigger), but Manlius is “better” due to its wealthier status. CRAZY! 

Maybe I have no idea. I realized the last time I’d been to Chittenango was probably decades before this kid was even born! I remember there was a nice waterfall there. I think I mentioned that when the kid said Manlius was better. The only thing I could think of was “but… Chittenango has the falls. That’s nice!” He all but rolled his eyes. 

Check out Chittenango Falls: it’s like something straight off a Trapper Keeper!

Manlius boasts the Swan Pond, which is filled with surly dirty beasts and, truthfully, kind of ghetto looking (although it’s apparently getting another facelift soon). 


Then again, I moved out of Manlius in 1983, and have only been back once, sometime in the 1990s when I saw a movie there. The Fayetteville-Manlius school district is one of the best in the state. Maybe that’s what Chittenango Kid meant? 


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