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Hey look, I made a thing!

In a similar vein to the cards I made for Fathers’ and Mothers’ Day last year:

rejected fathers' day cards

rejected Mothers' Day cards

I made a Valentine’s Day one. Of course, I drew it on the wrong side of the paper, so you can’t actually make it into a card… but it’s the thought that counts. Or something. It’s not as good as the other two; probably because Valentine’s Day is kind of lame, and I usually ignore it, unlike Mother’s and Father’s Day, which I’ve had to come up with cards for my entire life.

Rejected Valentine's Day cards

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Brain: back to normal?

Maybe it’s the placebo effect, but my brain is feeling much better. I feel like I’m almost back to my old self again. Except… I feel like my old self that was on anti-depressants. That is, not depressed. But then when I’m depressed, is that my normal self, or is it my normal self clouded by depression? Anti-anti-depressant people are always bringing this up.

A professor that I worked for at Harvard had this cartoon hanging on his door:

It’s funny, but is it true? Does depression cause artisticness?

Truthfully? I don’t give a shit, because I feel a whole lot better!


Physically, this trip back down Lexapro Lane is taking a bit of a toll. It feels like my heart is racing. I woke up this morning at 4 a.m. actually contemplating going to the E.R. because elevated heart rates aren’t great. I decided to look on the internet first… which may either calm me down or convince me that I have bubonic plague. Luckily it calmed me down. I took my pulse and it was normal. I just feel kind of wired. I also feel really nauseous to the point where I’ve lost 4 lbs in 3 days. NO LIE. This can’t be healthy! I’ve gone down a hole and a half on my belt. Being a chick, I’m not complaining, but still, nausea is not fun. Terrence made a ginormous pan of bacon this morning and I could only eat one piece and still felt like barfing it up. I still have not had any pumpkin pie that Tanya made last night. Oh well. Could be worse! I feel mentally excellent, so there.

When I went off the drugs due to stupid insurance problems (see a couple of posts ago), I got a weird surge of energy and I’ve kind of been surfing that for a while. I’ve been sewing stuffed animals up a storm and I cleaned my room (I mean CLEANED. Dusted, sorted crap, the whole nine yards) and cleaned and sorted out the vestibule and front hall. I’m kind of worried that I will lose my productive mojo and turn into a lazy tired slob like I was before. Well, we’ll see if that happens. As of now I’m still inspired to do shit. Jo & Stacy gave me a zillion kilos of catnip, so I volunteered to make catnip toys for the SPCA, who apparently is psyched to get them. I’ve also been commissioned to make a vulva-shaped cat toy for Jen, which has proven to be a little challenging. I’m not happy with my vulvar prototypes so far. However, it does lead to some interesting conversations, like… “do you think the labia majora need to be more crinkly?” It cracks *me* up anyway.

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Going Stir Crazy

I’m on staycation! Yay! I’ve been psyched about this forever– the Kid and his mom are on vacation in Arizona visiting Grandma, and the dad is in Prague on business. I have so many things I wanted to get done this week! I was going to finally get my car fixed, take the cat to the vet, find a dentist and get a check-up, since it’s been years, build some shelves for the living room, and do a bunch of things around the house.

However, since all my bills came due at once, I am completely broke. Yes, I currently have $8 to my name, which is not even enough to see a matinee as I discovered today. I am really pissed! There is so much crap I wanted to get done! Now I’m just going stir crazy because it’s cold and rainy outside, so I can’t even go for a bike ride. Blargh. I started building a dollhouse that I bought a while ago, but it’s from the company who puts their instructions in Martian, so it takes me forever just to figure out which piece they’re talking about.

I’m really psyched about building shelves! This is my plan:
bookcase plan
Of course, I don’t have the cash to buy materials to build it. I feel like this entire week is pointless. It’s all going to shit with me moping around the house. So far I’ve cleaned my room up a bit, hung up some pictures and made a coat rack. I guess there is always more stuff to get done, but argh. STIR CRAZY!

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Tasted of the Forbidden Fruit

I haven’t celebrated Thanksgiving, you know, with turkey and stuffing and the whole nine yards since the early 90s, I think. Actually, I think it was before that, since we went to Aunt Marg’s house sometimes, and she died in the early 90s (she was a super awesome cook. I miss her and her turkey dinners!). Moth always goes to Slug’s family’s place for Tofurkey Day, and Pad and Uzi always did stuff with friends or not, depending on their mood. Thus nobody in my immediate family ever cooked a meal and after all the great-aunts died, it was all over. Thus, Thanksgiving is a traditional time for me to rent bad movies and get Chinese take-out. When I lived with Rae, we went bar hopping on Oppress a Native American Day. This year, however, I celebrated twice!

On Thanksgiving itself I went to Jack & Laura’s, which was awesome. The turkey was amazing (and gigantic) and all the fixin’s etc. were divine. Laura’s parents are really cool and Jack’s mother wasn’t as crazy as I was warned about. The following Sunday I had turkey and stuffing (the stuffing is the key) with Tanya and Terrence and, again, it was super awesome! The Monday and Tuesday following Thanksgiving I ate leftovers for lunch and dinner (Tanya sent me home with a doggie bag and at Jack & Laura had plenty of leftovers for lunch). However, after that, Jack went on turkey strike, so Laura put the rest of the leftovers in the downstairs freezer to be made into pot pies and things at a later date.

Now I’m an addict. I am craving turkey like crazy and dream about stuffing and cranberry sauce. I definitely have not gotten my fill of leftovers to the point where I am contemplating cooking another dinner myself! I know this will never happen, though, since I now have a third job and my next week has 61 hours of work scheduled. Last year when I worked at Newbury Comics for the Christmas Season, I think they scheduled me for a grand total of 3 days total. This year, however, they have me scheduled for every single day next week plus Saturday. I expect to drop dead sometime around Thursday. However, I will be swimming in the dough! I will fill a swimming pool full of gold coins and dive into it! (I’ll be rich, so the laws of physics won’t apply to me and thus I won’t break my neck when diving in). The problem is, I won’t have any time to buy presents for people because I’ll be working every single second that the stores are open. So, I got a bunch of supplies this weekend to make people stuff. I’ve been hunched over my drafting table (my project table, as it folds down flat) making stuff and now I think my neck is permanently bowed! However, I do have a good jump on presents and am not panicking yet.

You see, I love giving people presents. Seriously. I’m a compulsive present giver. Ever since I was a little kid I would save up all my money to blow on presents for people. I like the whole game of listening in and remembering what people bitch about during the year, so I can try to remedy it when they open their package. So, giving people stuff is a big deal for me, and usually I make stuff, also because I just like making stuff, and also because I’m usually totally broke. I should probably get back to making things now.

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Protected: OK Then, Mark II

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More Obsessions

It’s weird– I’m getting even more fixated on things lately than usual. Also, I can’t sleep and am not hungry. I don’t get it. Anyway, my latest (re-)obsession is Battlestar Galactica. I stopped obsessively watching it for a month or so, but I’m back! Unfortunately, there’s something weird going on with my computer, so I can’t watch it there. I was watching Season 3 DVDs at Jack & Laura’s, but I finished them all and am now onto season 4… which isn’t on DVD yet. Thus I’ve been streaming the episodes on a crappy Chinese site. The funny thing is the descriptions (at least I think this is a synopsis):

在宇宙中未知的地方有一个由12个人类殖民地组成的星际国家,人类为了方便制造了Cylons(机器人)为人类服务,但Cylons起来反抗人类,双方在血战之后停火,Cylons离开了殖民地去建立自己的家园。40年的和平让人类放松了警惕,Cylons通过人类内部的间谍瘫痪了人类的防御系统,摧毁了Battlestar舰队,用核武器将殖民地的城市化为灰烬。Battlestar Galactica是唯一一艘幸存的航母,它在舰长Adama的指挥下带领几十艘各式各样的民船和近5万名幸存者逃离了殖民地的行星系统,开始了寻找人类的第13个殖民地-地球-的旅程。

Apparently “Cylons” don’t translate into Chinese!

I’m kind of bummed– the dollhouse trailer that I’ve been working on isn’t the right scale. It’s too short. If I want it to be realistic, I’m going to have to make it at least 40 inches long, which is gigantic for a dollhouse (and I have no room in my house for it!). I made some walls last night and even wallpapered one with some cheesy 70s wallpaper I printed out. I made crappy-looking wood panelling for one wall as well. Now… do I make it with a tiny living room/kitchen + a microscopic kids’ room and a fairly small master bedroom all squeezed into 1/2 the size it should be, or should I just bite the bullet and make it long enough? Also, it’s the wrong shape– it’s perfect for an airstream trailer, but not a mobile home trailer! Should I just make an airstream and then work on the big trailer later? (I still haven’t decided what to make the satellite dish out of). So many stupid decisions about trivial things!

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I can’t stop

Talking about the dollhouse, that is! I am particularly proud of the refrigerator I made:


Lest you think I’m losing my edge, The pink slip is a Disciplinary Notice saying that “Frank uses the F word frequently” and the grocery list has crack on it. Also, Frank’s failing art, gym and spelling on his report card.

I haven’t been sleeping much nor have I been eating; i’m way too wrapped up in this dollhouse stuff. Seriously. I forgot to eat on Friday and Sunday, and the only reason I ate anything on Saturday was because I went to Laura’s house and she grilled sausages. I’ve been staying up until 2 or 3 a.m… I don’t know what’s wrong with me! Obsessive, I guess. It could also be because the weather’s been crappy and I haven’t been able to ride my bike and thus feel like a giant slug.

Also, I’ve been getting these awful reactionary email forwards for some time; I just assumed that someone signed me up for some mailing list to be funny or out of spite or something. However, I think it may just be a wrong address. Before I’ve gotten a bunch of emails that were intended for someone named Dot Dosch, and some for a Dot Dasher. I have no idea what these are about, but the person sent me a bunch of Craig’s List listings for pink baby furniture. Craig’s List in Springfield, IL, that is. When I wrote back to say that I wasn’t actually having a baby and that my name is Norah (in case she thought it was going to a Dot), this is what I got back:
(no subject)

Dear NORA,

I thought maybe your baby Nora would like a crib set that was cheap. You are a freak Nora.

best wishes


WTF? All the other things I’ve gotten are about how Obama wants everyone on earth to run out and get an abortion and worship satan and punch their grandmothers on the way out and things of that ilk. Sometimes they are in the guise of “jokes”. I don’t get it. Oh well, whatever.

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Holy Crap!

Little tiny dollhouse tacos!

tiny tacos

Key lime pie!
key lime pie

eggs benedict!
eggs benedict

This is making my dollhouse craze drool as well as my fake food obsession!

There’s also a toaster (I’ve been looking for a good toaster):


Today I made a beaded curtain for the den (there aren’t any doors in the house, and it’s too small to have them open properly), a sink/stove for the kitchen, a kitchen table and a coffee table, and tiled 1/2 the bathroom. I need to get another bag of tiles because there weren’t enough! The bathroom is actually the upstairs hall, but whatever. It’s a shame to waste this whole room just because the stairs come up into it! So if you’re peeing people will walk past you to get to the den or bedroom. Sucks to be you! There aren’t any stairs going up to the attic (where most of the bedrooms are) so you’ll have to levitate up there anyway… why not just levitate to the second floor to begin with?

OMG little matzohs!!!!

OH yeah, I also made a dish strainer with some dishes, but it’s not very good– I made it out of red insulated wire, so it could look cool… I just need to re-do it.

Maybe I just need a cat licking its butt:

butt licking cat

douche bag!!!

OK, I have to stop this now. I did order bottles of Jack Daniel’s and Jameson the other day… I figure what’s a band practice space without booze, right? I have a dedication to making as musch stuff for this house as possible, though… the booze was way too cute to pass up though!

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Apartment Angst

I’ve been living in The Hermitage for almost 2.5 years now… the longest I’ve lived anywhere since I’ve been 18. It’s weird… I’ve been getting that itchy feeling like I should move on; my address is wearing thin. However, I mostly like this place. The only things that are getting old are (1) the lack of kitchen and (2) the refrigerator that freezes lettuce and eggs but won’t freeze anything in the freezer (no, it won’t freeze ice cream if you put it in the fridge part, I tried that). I’d like a place with bigger windows and more light so my plants don’t keep dying. I’d also like a place with a front stoop that I can have a beer on during nice days like today because I’m ghetto like that. I’d love a bathtub, since taking baths is one of my favorite hobbies, but I don’t want to go too crazy here! However, I don’t think my finances are in an order that will allow me to pay 1st & last month’s rent any place, let alone a security deposit!

So what have I been doing about this? Fixing up my dollhouse! Yes, years ago I traded Squidney The International Textbook of Surgery, Volume II copyright 1900 by “American and British Authors” for her dollhouse. The textbook is pretty awesome, it’s been handed down through 3 generations of us freaks who enjoy looking at lovely things like elephantiasis of the scrotum
Elephantiasis of the scrotum!

and polymastia!

Anyway, Moth brought the dollhouse with her last weekend, which has been living in her attic since Squidney outgrew it like years ago. I’ve been fixing it up as a jam shack for my Star Wars guys. Currently Lando Calrissian is on electric guitar and Brannigan the cat dude from Doctor Who is playing acoustic guitar. They have a robot servant who serves them plates of rubber roaches (the bugs, not the drugs) and Yoda has teeny little Pixies and Radiohead posters hanging up in his bedroom. I made a modernesque couch out of some foam and wire, and a bed out of balsa sticks. Oh yeah, I got a kit for putting together baby furniture, so the baby stegasaurus sleeps in a black cradle decorated with red pentagrams. THIS IS SO MUCH FUN!!!! Holy crap this is awesome. I painted all the rooms different colors, and even put in a balsa wood floor (it wouldn’t technically be a *hard* wood floor, now would it?) in the kitchen because I couldn’t decide which color to paint it.

Basically, this is how I’m getting out all my living space angst. The dollhouse itself is kind of crappy– it was made out of poorly cut pieces of plywood held together mostly with aging glue. The roof tiles are drawn on in Sharpie, and all the pieces of wood that hold the plastic sheets with window panes printed on them are coming un-glued. However, this is part of its charm. For some reason, i’d rather fix up a weird, falling apart old junker than have a brand new zillion -dollar fancy Victorian gingerbread house… Victorian stuff is so *yawn*.

However, I wouldn’t throw this back in Santa’s face… this is the most fucking awesome dollhouse on earth!

kaleidoscope house
They had one at this shop in Harvard Square a few years ago and I oohed and aahed at it every time I walked by. Apparently they don’t make these anymore and you can only get them on eBay. Alas.

I’ve gotten really into making stuff for the dollhouse– maybe I’ll finally realize my dream and make a doll trailer. I’ve been wanting to make a trailer-shaped dollhouse for little redneck dolls, complete with a car up on bricks and a garden planted in an old tractor tire in the front yard. Maybe one of these days I’ll just do it!

Besides working on the dollhouse I’ve been practicing the bass like a fiend. I can now play the riff from “Daddy Cool” (it’s really not that hard, but so satisfying!) as well as 7 Pixies songs. Go, me!

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6 months to create, 20 seconds to destroy…

I’ve been working on this needlepoint project for about 8 years now. It’s from the opening credit sequence from Blake’s 7 because I’m a giant dork:Blake's 7 opening credit x-stitch template
I started it 8 years ago, and put it away for a couple of years and by the time I went to finish it I had lost all the embroidery floss and couldn’t find any colors that matched. So, I started a new one over. I traced the template onto the cloth with markers which showed through because I made a few little mistakes. I figured I’d scrub off the marker with a toothbrush and some soap… but the embroidery floss of course isn’t color-fast and bled all over the place. Luckily, it really only bled into the white that I was doing in the background which I hadn’t gotten very far on. I had to rip all the white out and start again. Alas. Will this thing ever be finished? Maybe someday! My new job is much less interesting to write about than previous jobs. The potential for drama here is pretty much nil, unless you count projectile vomiting and explosive diarrhea as drama.

That was exciting. Is that really all I have to discuss today? Oh, I watched the movie Starship Troopers while Neville was sleeping today. It was pretty amazingly awful. It brought awful to new heights! It was wicked long, too… I missed about half of it since Neville was in a really cranky mood all day and required constant walking around the house (he has to be held every second while you are standing and usually moving around). Let’s see… I only smell mostly like baby barf today!

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