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tv party

I started watching “The Wire”– it’s awesome!

I feel so hip watching a TV show that was made in this decade! I also started watching “30 Rock” which is really funny.

What was my point here? I can’t remember

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the Oscars – WTF?

As it is painfully obvious, I am no good judge of fashion. If anyone who was at the Oscars last night could see me on a normal day in my stripey sweater and jeans, they would probably go into cardiac arrest on the spot. But, like everyone else in the country, I got to be a fashion expert for 3.5 hours last night. All I can say is WTF?!? Everyone was wearing these one-shouldered dresses that look like someone sewed the dust ruffle from the grandmother’s bed onto a bunch of bandages.
<img src="” alt=”” />

Many of them were fishtail-shaped

which I don’t think looks good on anyone. Most of the dresses were either a non-color like beige-ish or almost-peach which made the wearers look totally washed out,

my least-favorite shade of blue (the shade plastic objects come in when there has to be an assortment of color choices)

or bright red.

The bright red was Ok, but it was very patriotic looking when the camera panned over the audience and you saw Red, white-ish hues and Blue. Plus, everyone was wearing this bright reddish orange lipstick that was kind of annoying, especially when paired with the non-color shades of blah.

Sarah Jessica Parker looked notoriously hideous:

So that’s my 2 cents on this year’s fashion. Now onto the movies…

Sandra Bullock won for Best Actress. really, come on. SANDRA BULLOCK? She beat Helen Mirren and Meryl Streep! I guess maybe she’s being rewarded for being in a serious movie for once (I didn’t actually see it; I can’t judge– it looked like a heartwarming sports movie and I avoid those like the plague), but still. She’s one of my least favorite actors. OK whatever.

Nothing else struck me particularly one way or the other, except for the fact that Bea Arthur was noticeably absent from the Look Who Died Last Year montage. Everyone has pointed out that she’s mostly been in TV and not in movies, but come on. Michael Jackson, though he was in a couple of movies (Captain) Eons ago, is not known for his acting career and he got recognized! Poor Bea. She was the awesomest. I’m going to have a Bea Arthur party.

bea arthur

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Seriously, it is.

First of all, I’M GOING TO MEXICO in a month!

Second of all, I found Cadbury’s Caramel bars here in Cambridge. Where, you ask? At some hip boutique that imports English candy? At a fancy coffee house that caters to the Eurotrash crowd? No, it was at CVS. Seriously. Not only were they at CVS, but they were freaking BUY ONE GET ONE FREE.

Did I mention I’m going to Mexico?

Not only am I going to Mexico with Moth, but we’re staying in a hotel whose claim to fame is that it boasts a giant glowing cactus in the lobby.

glowing cactus

Is that wicked awesome or what? A GLOWING CACTUS. If it blinked neon letter that said “Yo, Scooter!” it wouldn’t be more welcoming to me!

What else? Oh yeah, I’ve been eating lots of yummy tacos. Tacos are awesome, but soon I will be eating real ones that are genuinely Mexican, and not Mexicanoid filtered through Old El Paso.

I’ve been watching the show “The Middle Man” which is possibly the awesomest show ever made. Tanya lent me the DVDs a while ago and I started watching it, but got sidetracked. So, I watched the entire series recently as I painted my new dollhouse.

Yes, I now have THREE dollhouses, thanks to Mikala being too old to care about them anymore. I painted the biggest one orange with yellow trim and pea green windowboxes. It looks nicer than it sounds.

I won a Lorne from “Angel” action figure on eBay for wicked cheap and it came in the mail super fast. He is awesome wearing a yellow sparkly suit!


Did I mention I’m going to Mexico?

Basically, My life RULES.

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Reality is Creepier than Fiction

I’ve seen a lot of scary movies. I’ve seen genuinely creepy movies. For example, The Blair Witch Project was one of the scariest movies I’d seen. I saw it right after it was released, well before the backlash started. Seriously, that film broke new ground in suspense! I’ve seen films by David Cronenberg, Dario Argento, all sorts of slasher movies, creepy Japanese movies etc…

Nothing has disturbed me as much as the Planet Earth series. Here’s a scene:

We’re in caves in Borneo or Papua New Guinea or someplace. The caves are dark, so no vegetation can grow. The only nourishing thing there is bat poop. 100 meter high piles of bat poop. Who lives on the mountains of poo? Cockroaches! Millions of them! Millions of them swarm on the piles… and one bat falls into the pile accidentally and the roaches swarm around him and eat him alive. ::EEEEEEESSSHHHHH::: I’m getting creepy goosebumps!

Somehow it’s all the more sinister with David Attenborough narrating. You can do the Dracula voice, you can intone like the rednecks in Deliverance, there is nothing scarier than a really uptight British accent. It’s the voice of ultimate “we’re lying to you to make you think everything’s OK” Maybe I read 1984 too many times. I could probably chalk it up to watching too much Doctor Who as a child, where all the evil villains in space were trained in Shakespearean acting. I don’t know, the way he rolls the “r’s” in “cockroach” makes my skin crawl.

The Voice Of My Nightmares

Another thing that makes me shiver when I think about it is the bit on cordyceps. Cordyceps are a type of fungus that gets inside insects, controls their brains and then grows mushrooms on them from the inside out. This was all shown in exquisite detail with time-lapse photography.

I’ve always had a problem with dead bugs for some reason. When I was a kid, I really didn’t care one way or the other about living bugs, but insect corpses freaked the crap out of me. i remember seeing a bunch of dead wasps in my grandmother’s dusty back room and screaming and running away and not wanting to go into that room forever (which was painful since it was the room where she stored all her antiques and dusty boxes of random stuff that called me to explore them). The cicada shells you find on trees still freak me the fuck out. However, I haven’t had a bug corpse incident in a long time; I didn’t even remember that I had a problem with dead bugs until I saw this episode! Don’t you love it when something triggers your childhood fears and gives you nightmares? Let’s hear it for the subconscious!

Note how this segment start with ants. I HATE ANTS! Ants are the only creature great or small on god’s green earth that I unequivocally despise.

OK, I just posted that segment and I can’t watch it. I’m getting the willies just writing about it. So, if you ever want to know my weakness, like you’re trying to extract information from me about that secret government alien implant… just show me pictures of bloated insect corpses with mushrooms sprouting out of them with David Attenborough on an endless loop saying “cockroaches.” Believe me, I’ll cave.

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Nerdiness Prevails

I am the only geek on earth who never watched Buffy The Vampire Slayer when it was on TV. I saw the movie, and it was pretty rad (PeeWee was in it!) but for some reason the TV show never really grabbed me. My former roommates made Buffy Night a weekly event and I’d eat their delicious food and then go hibernate in my room. Why? Not sure.

Anyway, I started watching it while Neville’s napping because Jack and Laura have all the DVDs. It’s pretty freaking rad! Great, like I need another tv show to get addicted to. At least this one has like 9000 seasons; Battlestar Galactica only had 4!

Wednesday was Davey’s birthday and I went out to the old workplace to give him his present (an adorable stuffed Boba Fett– I bet you never knew the bounty hunter could be so cuddly!) and stayed for drinks at The End of the World (the bar where we hang after work). One of Davey’s friends showed up, this chick named Kaeleigh. I think I spelled that correctly. She’s a gigantic sci-fi nerd and couldn’t believe I’ve never seen Farscape or Stargate. Those were two other shows that never really grabbed me, but supposedly she’s going to assault me with DVDs so my sci-fi education will be well-rounded. I commanded her to watch Doctor Who and Blake’s 7. Geeks unite!

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More Obsessions

It’s weird– I’m getting even more fixated on things lately than usual. Also, I can’t sleep and am not hungry. I don’t get it. Anyway, my latest (re-)obsession is Battlestar Galactica. I stopped obsessively watching it for a month or so, but I’m back! Unfortunately, there’s something weird going on with my computer, so I can’t watch it there. I was watching Season 3 DVDs at Jack & Laura’s, but I finished them all and am now onto season 4… which isn’t on DVD yet. Thus I’ve been streaming the episodes on a crappy Chinese site. The funny thing is the descriptions (at least I think this is a synopsis):

在宇宙中未知的地方有一个由12个人类殖民地组成的星际国家,人类为了方便制造了Cylons(机器人)为人类服务,但Cylons起来反抗人类,双方在血战之后停火,Cylons离开了殖民地去建立自己的家园。40年的和平让人类放松了警惕,Cylons通过人类内部的间谍瘫痪了人类的防御系统,摧毁了Battlestar舰队,用核武器将殖民地的城市化为灰烬。Battlestar Galactica是唯一一艘幸存的航母,它在舰长Adama的指挥下带领几十艘各式各样的民船和近5万名幸存者逃离了殖民地的行星系统,开始了寻找人类的第13个殖民地-地球-的旅程。

Apparently “Cylons” don’t translate into Chinese!

I’m kind of bummed– the dollhouse trailer that I’ve been working on isn’t the right scale. It’s too short. If I want it to be realistic, I’m going to have to make it at least 40 inches long, which is gigantic for a dollhouse (and I have no room in my house for it!). I made some walls last night and even wallpapered one with some cheesy 70s wallpaper I printed out. I made crappy-looking wood panelling for one wall as well. Now… do I make it with a tiny living room/kitchen + a microscopic kids’ room and a fairly small master bedroom all squeezed into 1/2 the size it should be, or should I just bite the bullet and make it long enough? Also, it’s the wrong shape– it’s perfect for an airstream trailer, but not a mobile home trailer! Should I just make an airstream and then work on the big trailer later? (I still haven’t decided what to make the satellite dish out of). So many stupid decisions about trivial things!

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