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My Brain is Crying

I decided to do the M.I.T. Mystery Hunt this year! It’s a giant hunt where you get into teams (my team, Central Services, had like 50 people, others had 100 I think) and solve puzzles all weekend. Doug is really into this hunt; he’s done it every year forever. I like puzzles’ I thought “why not”? I had done some other puzzle hunts with him last year, though those were smaller and more local.

Argh, my brain hurts. The hunt last all weekend; Doug got us a hotel room in Kendall Sq (the Kendall Hotel— so nice!!!), but he only slept Saturday during the day for a few hours. He did overnights so there would be people solving puzzles 24 hours a day. I worked on about 10 or 12 different puzzles. There were about 200 (?) altogether. Only one puzzle I worked on got finished (the one I spent about 10 hours on total; in addition to Doug’s 11-12 hours + two other guys each putting in about as long + a few others who came and went).

I worked on this one crossword puzzle one– there were 3 crossword grids, and each had two sets of clues for the across and down. I was working on it with two other people. After about 1/2 hour, I gave up and went home. It was Sunday afternoon, and since I had been in charge of tea (I brought an electric kettle, cups, 50 billion different kinds of tea from the house + some loaner reusable mugs, sugar, honey etc.) and had to schlep it all home on the train, I opted to leave.

THANK GOD I DID!!! I just read the answers to that puzzle. Each puzzle had to be filled in twice, once for each set of answers. Each set of answers was in a different language, including Latin, French, anglicized Russian and Japanese and Spanish.

So, the answer to

12. God of leading sheep backwards


12. NAP (Pan is the god of sheep)

OK, that one is semi sort of kind of figure-out-able. But…

20. A thousand twisted monkeys turn a noxious atmosphere’s As to Is


20. MIISMI (Anagram of M SIMII, 1000 monkeys, or MIASMA with A->I)

ARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!! I’m so glad I left when I did and didn’t try to figure out this puzzle; there’s no way I would have ever figured it out in 1,000,000,000 years! My brain is sobbing just looking at the answers! I actually got irrationally angry looking at the answers. I mean…

Of course the answer to

4. Some people can procrastinate this long


4. MESYATSAMI / месяцами



24. Ark clam (archaic)


24. 蚶 KISA (archaic way to say 赤貝 AKAGAI)

That’s beyond a challenge. My brain is yelling “THAT’S BULLSHIT!!!” rather than “whoa, how clever.” I’m not sure which it is. If next year is like this, I may go back to Arisia (Sci-Fi convention that’s held the same weekend; roommates and everyone else I know goes to it).

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Novel: accomplished!

I finished my cheesy teenage novel. It wasn’t long enough for NaNoWriMo, but it has a opening, crises, climax, Dénoument, resolution… all that stuff that novels are supposed to have. I should probably add a couple more subplots to make it longer, but hey it’s a work of juvenile fiction. It doesn’t have to be long!

The thing that’s the awesomest about NaNoWriMo is that the point is to write a novel. the point is NOT to write a GOOD novel! Thus I just started writing and stuff poured out. I got half way through before I even came up with a plot! I never do that! Whenever I write stuff, I always carefully craft each sentence, which means I never finish anything. With this I just spewed stuff and it was cathartic in a way.

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New Computer!!!

Lil’ Bitch came over yesterday to build me a new computer. I figured the time had come; my old computer had been acting annoying for a while. So, we went to micro Center and I bought a new motherboard & processor and some kick ass RAM that was on sale:

(it’s so shiny!)

We got it all home… and the power supply on my old case wasn’t compatible.

AND, the new motherboard didn’t have enough IDE slots to accommodate my 2 hard drives + DVD-ROM drive.

AND, it didn’t have an onboard video card, like we thought.

AND… what else? Oh yeah, we went and bought a SATA – IDE converter instead of an IDE to SATA converter by accident…

So, after several false starts and 4 trips to Micro Center I now have an awesome new computer that runs and is even running Windows 7, which seems pretty OK so far. Yay! It’s SO FREAKING FAST!!!!!

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20 hours…

I made it 20 hours without saying anything geeky… then I made a comment about how I’d like to think that humanity is worth saving, but then I turn on cable tv and see (something that I forgot that involves people being lame) and well, just let Dr. Evil take over the earth. Dr. Evil isn’t inherently geeky, since I’m judging whether or not something is nerdy by the ratio of geeks to non-geeks that watch/listen/read a particular thing. The Austin Powers saga isn’t particularly dorkesque… but then I took it one step further and added a Dalek invasion. Alas. it was over. So I watched another episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and chalked it up to lack of will power.

It was tough… not only was Gay Rob home all day, but Andrea who was taking care of Jenn & Troy’s ferrets also hung out because it started to torrentially downpour and she didn’t want to walk home in that. I’m moderately certain that had I been alone with the Little Dude I might have been able to avoid nerdiness. In lieu of Buffy, during Little Dude’s morning and afternoon naps I worked on making the orange and brown shag carpeting for the dollhouse trailer and threw in a couple of DVDs: Bend It Like Beckham (not geeky in the least) and Finding Nemo (again, not terribly geektastic). I did so well until The Incident! I guess I can control myself as long as I am not around people of a similar caliber of dweebitude. My dad & stepmom are coming to visit for a couple of days next week, and I’m sure I will be discussing the most un-nerdy things with them without even trying. Let that be my punishment!

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Secret Double Life (of a non-nerd)

I woke up this morning to find a large-ish piece of glass sticking out of my face. Where this glass came from, I have no clue. I think that I’m leading a double life– I’m obviously a spy whose brain gets erased after every mission and the glass is from when I smashed through a window while trying to catch onto an enemy helicopter. Or the cats could have broken something and tracked the glass onto the bed. But come on, really. How would a piece of glass get stuck to a cat and then deposited near my head? It’s only something a secret agent would wake up to!

I don’t think it had anything to do with the DATE I had last night. Yes, a date. I figured it couldn’t be any worse than the last one and if it was, then at least it would be epic, and give my internal monologue some entertaining fuel. My internal monologue has been kind of bland lately. The only interesting thing was the other day when I was in Harvard Square and saw this pre-teen goth chick wearing a shirt that said “I Heart Vampires” and a giant crucifix. I said, “aren’t you kind of sending mixed messages there?” She just gave me a really dirty look. My internal monologue should have stayed internal with that one. INSIDE VOICE! INSIDE VOICE!

So yeah, I had a date. It was enjoyable, can you believe it? Dude is on the level and we discussed things like Star Wars, mythology, the Indiana Jones trilogy (he said, “I wonder why they never made a 4th Indiana Jones movie?” oh be still my beating nerdy heart!), and never once did dehumidifiers come up (unlike the last date I had). After 2 hours at a coffee shop in Allston he said he had to get home because he hasn’t been sleeping well and he has to get up early for work tomorrow for a big project or something. I didn’t get so much as a handshake, just a “call me sometime” and that was it. Sounds like I got served. Alas. He seemed cool, too.

This got me thinking… maybe I’m *too* nerdy. I have been watching a heck of a lot of Robot Chicken lately. In making all the dollhouse furniture, I’ve been playing around with all my action figures a lot, which makes me ponder things like “Does Porkins [an extremely minor character in Star Wars] have a real name? Would he get along with Gwen Cooper [from Torchwood], with whom he is currently in a band? (he’s on guitar, Lando Calrissian on lead guitar, a purple robot on bass, Martha Jones on drums and Gwen Cooper on keyboards) Living alone means I watch a lot of movies and lately my movie fare has leaned toward the geeky side of the force (documentaries about electronic music, sci-fi). Maybe dudes don’t want to date chicks that remind them of their 10-year-old selves?

Because of this, I’m experimenting with being completely non-geeky for 24 hours, starting at sundown tonight. I will wear a nice twin set with pearls, not talk about anything sci-fi related, discuss things like the weather and (non-geeky) current events, and not watch Buffy The Vampire Slayer tomorrow while the baby’s taking a nap, which I’ve been kind of addicted to since I discovered that Jack & Laura have all 7 seasons of it on DVD. This also means no Torchwood or Robot Chicken tonight (I usually watch one of those before I go to bed. Hey, they give me weird kind of fun dreams!)

In overthinking this, though, I realize that eradicating every trace of nerdiness from my life will be difficult. For example, the ring tone on my phone is currently morse code for “artichoke.” Should I change it just for tomorrow? My bike has glow-in-th-deark stars and planets clipped to the spokes. I’d drive my car to work instead, except my car has stickers of robots and ray guns on the back. Geekiness permeates every aspect of my life! So, do I just go with things I can easily control, like what I talk about? Will I be like the vegetarians who don’t care if there’s lard in their cookies? Is this half-assing it? I’m not sure. All I know is that I looked damn cute last night, even if Mr. Date Dude didn’t think so (even if I was wearing a Batman t-shirt. It was a very cute Batman t-shirt!)

You know how I’m genetically pre-disposed to hate all shoes. I saw the first pair of shoes that I fell madly in love with since I was in 8th grade, so I bought them. They are red patent leather mary janes and they RULE! Angels wanna wear my red shoes. Totally. I wore those last night as well, adding to my overall cuteness. Basically, I rule. Why do people never see this?

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Nerdiness Prevails

I am the only geek on earth who never watched Buffy The Vampire Slayer when it was on TV. I saw the movie, and it was pretty rad (PeeWee was in it!) but for some reason the TV show never really grabbed me. My former roommates made Buffy Night a weekly event and I’d eat their delicious food and then go hibernate in my room. Why? Not sure.

Anyway, I started watching it while Neville’s napping because Jack and Laura have all the DVDs. It’s pretty freaking rad! Great, like I need another tv show to get addicted to. At least this one has like 9000 seasons; Battlestar Galactica only had 4!

Wednesday was Davey’s birthday and I went out to the old workplace to give him his present (an adorable stuffed Boba Fett– I bet you never knew the bounty hunter could be so cuddly!) and stayed for drinks at The End of the World (the bar where we hang after work). One of Davey’s friends showed up, this chick named Kaeleigh. I think I spelled that correctly. She’s a gigantic sci-fi nerd and couldn’t believe I’ve never seen Farscape or Stargate. Those were two other shows that never really grabbed me, but supposedly she’s going to assault me with DVDs so my sci-fi education will be well-rounded. I commanded her to watch Doctor Who and Blake’s 7. Geeks unite!

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On another note

Afteryears of avoiding it, I’ve been text messaging a lot lately. There’s this feature that guesses words when you type in the numbers corresponding to letters (I’m not cool enough to have one of those cell phones with little keyboards and even if I did my big fat fingers probably wouldn’t be able to handle the teensy little buttons). It usually guesses what you are trying to type correctly, but it WON’T LET YOU TYPE IN SWEAR WORDS! It’s so annoying! I tried to type “fucking” in and it kept giving me “ducking” and when I did it one letter at a time, it still kept changing it. It will guess gibberish, but resist every attempt to type in “pussy” ( was trying to make a dumb pun about how my spoiled brat cats have me totally pussy-whipped). It’s like it’s programmed to not let you swear. That really cracks me up/annoys me since I guess I have a potty mouth. Just what I need, a puritanical babysitter living in my phone!

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Oy Vey

So it turns out the malware removal thing I installed was actually a malware program itself, which had the same name as the *real* program I downloaded before to remove it, which is why Ad-Aware wouldn’t let it update. Wow, I’m such a retard sometimes! But really, it had the same name as the good one, so how was I to know? Pay attention, I guess. Or something. Duh. I feel really stupid.

It’s a gorgeous day and I have the day off! I’m recouperating from last night’s awesome concert– Moderat (Modeselektor and Apparat together). Wow was it FREAKING AWESOME!!!! There’s something about good German techno that is just so satisfying in every way. I danced like crazy (but not like the girls in day-glo tutus who were wearing glow in the dark bracelets) and am kind of sore today, but in a good way!

So, I think I’ve officially decided that I’m not going to attempt to be a Grown Up just yet; I’m going to continue to dance and have fun until I’m too old to stand. I don’t care if I’m That Person, the old wrinkly burn-out that everyone giggles about. I’m going to have fun, dammit!

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