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Big Country!

I got to see Big Country this week!!! If you’ve ever met me for longer than 47 seconds, you probably know that Big Country is my all time favorite band. I’ve been listening to them since I was about 10. In their heyday, I lived in the middle of nowhere, and they never played any concerts near me. The year after I moved to Boston, their lead singer, Stuart Adamson, committed suicide. I thought my chances of ever seeing Big Country live were dashed.

However, they reformed a couple of years ago, with Mike Peters from the Alarm as their singer. I was a little dubious at first; I mean how could they still be a band without Stuart Adamson? Then Tony Butler, the bassist retired. He was one of my musical idols too. What? How could this be?

But, I have been waiting to see Big Country for now around 30 years, so I went to the show. It was awesome!!! Bruce Watson and his son Jamie nailed the guitar parts! Derek Forbes, who played bass with Simple Minds was really good too. Mark Brzezicki is a god on drums, and he was amazing as ever. Mike Peters isn’t my favorite singer on earth, but what he lacked in Stuart Adamson-ness, he made up for with enthusiasm and sincerity. All in all, I was a grinning ball of drooling fangirl stupidity! I brought a copy of the 7″ of “Fields of Fire” I had for people to sign. I always feel creepy and stalkerish asking people to sign things (I’ve done it like 3 other times in my life), but now I have a signed cover. I am psyched!

They played most of the songs on “The Crossing,” plus the song “Look Away,” and “Wonderland” as well as some songs from their new album. Mike Peters injected some local flavor into the songs by occasionally mentioning Boston or Massachusetts at opportune moments. One of the funniest moments was during “Wonderland,” when he said “This is Wonderland, BOSTON!” He probably didn’t realize that Wonderland is the last stop on the Blue Line, and also a now-abandoned dog racing track. Rock on!


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Drama! (and music)

It’s been so long since I’ve had any Lil Bitch related drama, last weekend was almost a trip down memory lane. OK, it would have been if I hadn’t been so freaking annoyed.

I bought tickets for Lil Bitch and I to go see Mission of Burma at the Brighton Music Hall months ago. I was positive it would sell out. I mean, who would miss up a chance to see MoB in an awesome tiny venue like the former Harper’s Ferry? Apparently lots of people because it didn’t sell out. But anyway… It had snowed the night before, so Lil Bitch came up in the afternoon to hang out so he wouldn’t have to drive in the snow at night. Or something. He brought burritos and tequila as well as a bottle of what he thought was Margarita mix, but actually had tequila already in it. After mixing it with tequila it was pretty strong, to say the least. I had had the lovely norovirus all week and so I didn’t drink so much. At some point Lil Bitch and Dee got the idea that they wanted to go to Deep Ellum (a local bar) and get some hot cocktails. So, we went down to the bar and drank hot buttered rums which were delicious… but alcoholic. Lil Bitch insisted upon buying us shots of Jameson on the way back since he didn’t think he could make it all the way back to my place through the snow (we were walking), so we stopped at The Draft and had shots.

When we got back home, LB was in that special surly phase of drunkeness. He started talking about how his stepsister got raped in France and how she deserved it because she had narced on her classmates in high school or something. After about the 15th exclamation of “The bitch DESERVED it!” I tried to change the subject to no avail, but it was time to leave for the show so whatever.

LB has been already pretty tanked for some time now, yet still we get beers at the show– $4 for a 16 oz PBR, which LB rants on about being criminal. He even texted Pete a poorly spelled and even poorly worded rant about how it’s all his fault PBR is so expensive damn hipsters. I wasn’t quite sure of his logic, but this is Little Bitch we’re talking about. Logic is not one of his strong points on the soberest of days.

The opening band were called Shepherdess, and while they weren’t exactly my thing, LB decided they were the worst band in the history of music and proceeded to tell me this in between yelling “YOU SUUUUUUUUUCKK!” at them. I tried repeatedly to shut him up, which of course just made him rowdier. Eventually the bouncer came over and cut him off from further drinking. Thus, he tried to get me to buy him a drink. The conversation went like this:

LB: Buy me a drink. I can’t get one myself.

ME: there’s a reason you’re cut off.

LB: I want a drink

ME: sucks to be you!

LB: I want beer.

ME: I want a pet unicorn.


When he realized that I was not going to buy him a drink, he yelled “THIS IS FASCIST BULLSHIT! I’M OUTTA HERE!” and stomped off. I was a bit relieved, to tell you the truth, and pushed up closer to get a better spot to see Mission of Burma. This is the one time being short is awesome– you can pretty much shove your way to the front of a concert and nobody cares because pretty much everyone can see over your head anyway. it almost negates the fact that if you’re short, you can’t see a damn thing at concerts unless you are in the very front anyway!

Anyway, the band starts and, as always, they are awesome. They get 2 songs in when I start getting texts.

“Where are you? I’m scared and alone.”

I tell him to go wait for me at my house.  He replies that he doesn’t know how to get there. I text him directions (it’s less than a mile home). He saysto come get him, he’s still confused. I text him the house number and tell him to get a cab.

“But I dint [sic] do anything! I’m cold and lost.”

Finally it dawns on me that if he really does manage to find his way back to my place, he will get into his ginormous SUV and drive home, probably killing himself as well as mow down a bus full of nuns chaperoning orphans to a party with kittens or something.  I leave after the third song and all the way home he rants about how it’s a conspiracy and he has every right to heckle crappy bands and it’s because of the Obama administration that everyone is forced to be polite and how he’s going to vote Republican and he’s never going back to that fascist place and fuck Mission of Burma, they’re not really punks if they let bouncers kick rowdy drunks out of their shows etc. I stick up for the bouncer, and, after calling me a “dumb bitch” and a “stupid cunt” several more times, he says possibly the best line of the night:


I don’t know, the unicorn line was pretty good too, but it didn’t contain the phrase “dominant paradigm” used without irony.

We get back to my place and I physically wrestle his car keys away. He calls me many more bad names and insults my political views, my hypocrisy and mentions how “slaves like [me] exist to suck the cocks of  the dominant paradigm.”

“Well the dominant paradigm is telling you to get your fucking ass into bed and sleep it off!” yes, I couldn’t think of a better witty comeback. I was fairly furious at this point.

Cursing, he climbs onto my bed and, after muttering about fascism and stuff a bit more, falls asleep, snoring loudly. I go downstairs to sleep on the couch. Sometime in the early morning, LB finds the keys I left for him and leaves. I go back up into my bed, since I’m sleeping on the small 2-person couch because Tanya is sick and crashing on the big couch. I notice that the pillow is upside down– it’s the pillowcase I decorated myself of a menorah, and it’s menorah-side-down.

That’s what it looked like after I finished it (it came with crayons)– The punchline to the night is…  it no longer looks like that because when I turned it over I discovered that it was covered with used burrito. Yes, LB had turned the pillow over rather than clean it up. W.T.F.!?!?!?

I wish I could say

That’s when I reached for my revolver.


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Music Music Music

Several years ago when I was working at Newbury Comics, one of my co-workers put on a CD in the store by Edan. It was called “Beauty and the Beat” and I instantly thought it was the awesomest thing ever and bought it that day. I had no idea who Edan was (a former Berklee student), how many people were in the group (one, it’s just a dude named Edan) or even how to pronounce it (ee-don), but I liked the CD a lot. It’s a hip hop album full of samples and rapping, but it’s amazingly well cut together. It’s also funny, random at times, both reverent and irreverent, and just fun to listen to. It sounds like it was fun to make, or at least like there was a light heart that went into the creative process.


Last week I saw that Edan was going to be at the Brattle Theater playing a show after a short film that he did the music to. Or rather, a film that was made to fit his music. Maybe both. At any rate, the film was really cool– a pastiche of everything from school health movies to Bollywood films to pretty much a little bit of everything else ever put down in film.

Afterwards he played a show with Dagha, another MC from Boston (OK, Edan isn’t *from* Boston, but he went to Berklee and was a local when he started out). The two of them freestyled over music they took turns spinning and it was SO AMAZING!!! Have you ever been to a show that you thought changed your life? The last one I went to like that was Daft Punk in 2007. I can’t exactly say how, but I left the show a different person than from when I went in. This show was like that. I’m inspired to take a crack at those electronic pieces I was putting together and never finished (well, theoretically anyway. I have ideas, just not a good way to make them work!). I’m inspired to just… do anything!

The show itself was awesome. The music was great, and the interplay of Edan and Dagha was almost ethereal. They were trading rhymes kind of like the opposite of an MC battle– they were collaborating, and, as 2 heads are better than one, 2 MCs that are really amazing on their own collaborating is like magic. I can’t really describe the show in concrete terms. This is the place where my brain and sensitivity start fighting– this show was awesome on a visceral level, a place that my normally sarcastic and (I like to think) logical brain doesn’t venture and couldn’t begin to put words to.

When Edan was spinning, he was so graceful and skilled that the actual act of DJing was a show itself. It was like he was conducting an orchestra, or speaking sign language, and in a way he kind of was doing both.

This is the part where my brain reads what I have just written and squirms in embarrassment that my other half has just gushed on about something so intangible and has to add a disclaimer. At any rate, go see Echo Party.

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Yay Futureheads!

It’s June, and this is the first show I’ve been to this year. Is it really? I’m checking my calendar. Yup. That’s kind of pathetic. However, it was worth the concert celibacy because the Futureheads RULED!!!! Damn I love that band; I have for years. They’re the kind of band that art students and the snottier Anglophile indie rock nerds loved when they first came out… but the love of these types is always fickle and thus the hype died down once they were no longer new and shiny. I, however, bought their second, third and fourth albums which all are pretty sweet. I bought their latest one on Friday and listened to it non-stop all weekend so I’d know some of their new songs. These guys are really funny! They have a lot of goofy little conversations and anecdotes in between songs. Plus they have a lot of energy and it’s contagious. This is a good thing when you’re performing live! They got the fairly typically stoic Boston crowd clapping and singing along. I remember the last time they were in town (4 years ago?) I was too poor to afford to make the show; I still wish I had gone. However, I’m sure this show more than made up for it! They played “Robot” as the second song; that’s my favorite! I also love their cover of “Hounds of Love”– it’s one of the few covers that I like better than the original.

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100th rock concert!

I saw the Pixies tonight! They were awesome! It was also the 100th rock concert I’ve been to (not counting local bands). RAD!!!! They did the entire “Doolittle” album, as well a a bunch of B-sides. They started by showing “Un Chien Andalou” on a screen behind the stage. They also showed pieces of it during the song “Debaser” (cuz it’s about that movie). All in all, such a great show! It would have been better if (1) the dude next to me didn’t reek heavily of hot greasy unwashed hair and (2) the couple in front of me didn’t keep making out and thus blocking my view of the stage, but hey. you can’t have everything! Seriously, though– the dude next to me smelled really bad. It didn’t help that the venue itself smelled of old sponge with a hint of pee, either. Oh well!

In other news, Victor is no longer my significant other. Saw that one coming, didn’t we? I don’t know what his problem is. I think he’s just messed up. Whatever. Don’t have to deal with him anymore!

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I’m going to see the Pixies the Saturday after Thanksgiving! I AM SO PSYCHED!!! Pixies fans in Boston have been counting down the seconds until the tickets went on sale (sept. 12). Months ago I made tentative plans with Davey from 4 Seasons and Athena to go. Of course, Davey isn’t talking to me anymore, and Athena made it abundantly clear that nothing is as important as her boyfriend, and thus she was just going to get tickets for the two of them since she didn’t have the cash to pay up front to get tickets altogether or something. Damn I hate that. It really pisses me off when friends acquire significant others and then ignore you until there’s drama in their relationships and they need a shoulder to cry on. Well screw you all! I’m going by myself, I will have fun, and everyone else can suck it! Did I mention that I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED?!?! I probably did. I haven’t seen the Pixies since the last time they came around, which was in 2005, I think. I think I heard thay they’re going to do the entire “Doolittle” album in honor of its 20th anniversary. ROCK ON!!!!!

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Just got back from seeing !!!. Damn they rule! They never dissapoint, even at the Middle East Down stairs, which is the most short-person-hostile venue on earth. Dancing my butt off and drinking a lot is exactly what the doctor ordered!

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Oy Vey

So it turns out the malware removal thing I installed was actually a malware program itself, which had the same name as the *real* program I downloaded before to remove it, which is why Ad-Aware wouldn’t let it update. Wow, I’m such a retard sometimes! But really, it had the same name as the good one, so how was I to know? Pay attention, I guess. Or something. Duh. I feel really stupid.

It’s a gorgeous day and I have the day off! I’m recouperating from last night’s awesome concert– Moderat (Modeselektor and Apparat together). Wow was it FREAKING AWESOME!!!! There’s something about good German techno that is just so satisfying in every way. I danced like crazy (but not like the girls in day-glo tutus who were wearing glow in the dark bracelets) and am kind of sore today, but in a good way!

So, I think I’ve officially decided that I’m not going to attempt to be a Grown Up just yet; I’m going to continue to dance and have fun until I’m too old to stand. I don’t care if I’m That Person, the old wrinkly burn-out that everyone giggles about. I’m going to have fun, dammit!

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